The Membership of the Indian Fibre Society (IFS) shall be open to those related to the field of Textiles. Those engaged in technical, supervisory, administrative or managerial capacities in Textile Mills, Textile machinery manufacturing, Manufacturers of dyes, chemicals and auxiliaries, textile consultants, academicians, Journalists, having a minimum qualification of graduation or diploma are eligible to become member of the society. The governing body is the sole and absolute authority to admit members.

Types of Membership

The members shall comprise of Honorary, Patron, Institutional, Life and Student members. Application for membership shall be made on the prescribed form to the society. Admission will be subject to the approval of the Governing body.

1. Honorary Members

Any person whose connection with the society is deemed useful, may with the consent of such person be elected as Honorary member of the society. Such members shall not, however, be eligible to be members of the Governing body nor shall be entitled to vote in any meeting.

2. Patron members

Individual and/or Organisation interested in the advancement of the objectives of the Society and who contribute a lumpsum of not less than Rs.15,000 (Rupees fifteen Thousand) to the Society shall be considered by the Governing body for declaration as Patrons of the Society.

3. Institutional Members

A Firm, a Corporate or any other organisation who are interested in the objectives of the society are eligible to become an institutional member on payment of prescribed fees. Each institutional member shall have only one vote. A Firm corporation etc. member shall nominate one of its representative to attend and vote at the meeting.

4. Life Member

A person is eligible to become a life member of the society if he/she is a graduate or at least a Diploma engineer and working in textile and related field.

5. Student Member

A student below 25 years of age who is studying for a degree or a diploma or any technical course may be admitted as a student member provided that his application is duly certified from the Head of his Institute that he is a bonafide student. Such student member shall not have any voting rights at the meetings and also have no right to contest any election of the society.